We partner with families to alleviate the burden of balancing checkbooks, paying bills, and managing budgets to create peace of mind for you and your loved ones.


Relieve Stress

Do you feel overwhelmed that your loved one has growing piles of paperwork that have now become towers?  We take the mess, declutter it,  and transform it to a neat, organized, accessible work space. We specialize in helping the elderly manage day to day bills by creating a functional, efficient bill-pay system.

Manage Money

Has your loved one paid credit cards late? Are you both confused about fees and interest rates?  Do you feel the task of managing your loved one's finances has become too daunting?  We are here to help create and maintain a budget within financial reach, to minimize the headaches associated with managing money.

Organize Security

You don't live with your loved ones, and he or she needs some extra help. We help with home, life, and/or health insurance.  Maybe there is rental property income that needs managing?  We can act as a liaison in any of these area and manage it so you can have peace of mind.




Karen Valecillos is a member of the American Association of Daily Money Managers.  She has a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and has been the comptroller of a nonprofit organization for over a decade. Karen has been working with/alongside the elderly community for over twelve years and has an innate love and appreciation for the senior community.  She has also taken on the role of being her own mother’s daily money manager; therefore, she understands firsthand the need for this service from the child’s perspective as well as from the parent's.

Manage My Checkbook arose from the founder’s personal need to manage her mother’s finances. This inspired her to research and discover the growing need for this service elsewhere.  Accountants handle taxes; financial advisors handle wealth management, but who can you trust with your day-to-day finances? Manage my Checkbook removes the burden of financial dealings and replaces it with peace of mind, knowing your money is carefully being managed by a reliable professional who will produce organized and accessible financial records in return. 




REMOTE CLIENTS (I work from the office)

  • After initial in home visit, we review completed paperwork and asses client needs.

  • Based on expenses with income consideration, we create a customized financial profile to facilitate account bill-pay 

  • Bills are mailed to our office or paid online. All paperwork including sensitive information is destroyed to protect client privacy.

  • Upon payment if an issue arises the vendor and client are notified. All parties will collaborate to resolve the matter.

  • Throughout the duration of service, client has option to review bills and inform us of any concerns.  

IN-HOME VISITS (I come to you)

  • Scheduled visits are made to client's home where daily money manager reviews mail and assists accordingly.

  • Client will still receive mail at home.

  • Bill pay then occurs with client approval through online banking, or on site check signing.

  • All transactions will be entered and balanced in client's financial software and/or checkbook. 

  • Documentation stays in client's home organized and maintained by daily money manager. 

  • Any additional issues or inquiries may be consulted during this visit so all of client's concerns are addressed. 

BENEFITS (peace of mind)

  • Relief knowing your money is taken care of and bills are paid on time.

  • No more late or over-the-limit fees which increase overall balance and add to interest charged.

  • Lower your interest rates, and strengthen your credit. 

  • Travel carefree.  Your finances are in order.

  • Enjoy easy access to organized records. No more towers of paper.  No more stressful searches when a doc is needed.

  • Regain ability to relax and spend quality time with loved ones instead of worrying about your/their finances.

  • Regularly scheduled internal expenditure analysis on all bills and insurances to find cost savings.


  • Pricing: Initial one-hour consultation is free, hourly thereafter.  Pricing varies on home visits vs. remote access.

  • Insured:  Professional liability Insurance through Lloyds of London, the official insurer for members of AADMM - the Association of Daily Money Managers.

  • Credit CounselingWe do not offer debt or credit counseling. However, we can assist in developing a budget to pay down high interest debt.

  • Privacy:  Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. Therefore, we do not share your information with any third party companies, and all of your matters are handled discretion and confidentiality.

Sensible Senior Bookkeeping Solutions
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